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Adsense Tips and Tricks (Displaying Relevant ads)

Posted by Notion Brook on April 9, 2011 at 7:57 AM

After a Long and hectic Internet surf, I have got in to adsense. I have tried Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika. But, ADSENSE is the BEST among all the available. Know the below tips to make adsense display the proper ads on your pages.

Never encourage people to click on ads

I have kept ads and mentioned on the website to click on it. But I was seriously warned by Google Adsense and I have removed all those. It is against the Adsense rules and policies.

Avoid non-English characters on English pages

Adsense displays the ads taking the keywords found from the page. Using non-engish words can make adsense to display irrelevant and unrelated ads on your pages.

Never keep ads on empty pages

Keeping ads on empty pages is of no use. There would not be any keywords to be taken from your site by adsense. This will display unnecessary and Junk ads which are not at all related with your site content.

Post relevant and related information on your pages

Displaying ads is totally depends on the keywords and content used or posted on your website. Ad programs will examine the keywords and content which was posted, fetches the relate ads from their database and post it on your pages according to your settings. So Post the related information to get relavent ads.

Hope this helps you


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