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These daily practices can save your hair !!

Posted by Notion Brook on January 17, 2016 at 2:40 AM

We are living in so-called-advanced world !!

Many artificial techniques are found to save our health. Do you know how many of them are really helping you to become better?

Lets see how your hair gets spoiled with our modern practices

Using Hair dryers can spoil your hair !!

Usage of Hair Dryers really spoils your hair.  It spoils the "natural moisture" form by our hair and makes it look dry upon multiple uses. This makes your hair to lose the liveliness formed by nature. Use towels or natural ways to dry your hair. 

Less usage of Shampoos

Shampoo-ing your hair is one of the frequent things we do. It is good upto a limited extent if you are applying shampoo directly on your hair. Apply hair oil atleast an hour prior to shampooing your hair. Upon washing, your hair wouldnt lose its smoothness. Looks lively and black forever.

Avoid Rapid usage of Towel 

Use towel gently on your hair. Do not rub rapidly with more force added on your hair. It avoids hair fall.

Kind of Comb

Your comb should have long teeth. This separates your wet hair in a better way and stops falling. 

Try these and let us know your feedback !! :)

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