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Bibhorr - The Founder of Next-Generation Science

Posted by Opaldev on October 11, 2018 at 12:20 AM

Bibhorr, universally credited as the founder of next generation super science and technology, is an Indian scholar and an aerospace engineer. His path breaking space formulations have already laid the foundation of new-era space science and technology. The invention is available as free to share policy and is also listed on Government’s innovation portal.

Bibhorr is a young aerospace designer, an alumnus of Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization (AERO). As an inventor he founded the world’s greatest ever scientific codes. His grand equations are written down in the world’s top-notch research treatise authored by him and published under Oodham Research.

Scholars like Baudhayan, Aryabhatt and Brahmagupta are Bibhorr’s source of inspiration. Bibhorr clearly verifies that the technology mentioned in Vaimainika Shastr is of ultra-modern age and is beyond the interpretation of ordinary human brains.

The invention of Bibhorr is regarding three new science equations that topple the whole trigonometry concept. One of the codes known as “Bibhorr Formula” is an aggrandization of the obsolete trigonometry. Bibhorr Formula solves triangle problems without the use trigonometric functions. The formula challenges the existing mathematical rules and other scientific laws.

Unlike other modern inventions of the world, only Bibhorr Formula is able to obtain Vedic status approval and hence deemed to be the supreme ultra-modern knowledge.

The formulations are notated using next-generation syllabary involving Hindi alphabets. The Bibhorrmetric nomenclature is the scientific universal nomenclature employed over a right triangle.

According to this nomenclature following scientific terminologies are standard:

Shrav - The longest side or hypotenuse; notated as श्र.

Lambu- The middle side in the triangle; notated as लं.

Chhutku- The shortest side of the right triangle; notated as .

Bibhorr angle- The angle opposite lambu; notated as बि.

Ubhorr angle- The angle that lies opposite to the chhutku; notated as.


The Rekhachitrans for the illustrations of highly sensitive patterns “Raajsi Yaavneekayein” are called Bibhorr Rekhachitran. These plots establish patterns by joining all the bindus associated to Bibhorr angles.


Bibhorr formula has multiple applications. Some of them are as follows-

Astrophysics: In Astrophysics Bibhorr formula finds inter galactic distances between the astronomical bodies and objects.

Aerodynamics: In finding the glide angles and angles of attack.

Navigation: In finding real time locations.

Geography: In computing distances between geographical locations.

Robotics: In studying the movements of robots.

Civil Engineering: In analysing/studying architectures.

Teleportation and Quantum Physics: In computing innumerable combinations of Tele-Vedic motions.



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