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Haldhar Nag : Rise of a Dish-Washer to the level of Padma shri

Posted by Notion Brook on March 30, 2016 at 7:05 AM

Haldhar Nag is a Kosli language poet and writer from Odisha, India. He is also known as Lok kabi Ratna. Haldhar Nag was born in a poor family of Ghens in Bargarh district of Odisha on March 31, 1950.

He lost his father at the tender age of ten. He was certainly not a man of means but his poetic fragrance lured many. Even though he might not have attended school, his works have gone even beyond them. A collection of his works titled Haldhar Granthabali-2 will be soon published by Sambalpur University and it will be a part of their syllabus.

Nag has been compared to Gangadhar Meher. The BBC made a documentary film about his life and works.

Needless to say that he got lakhs of followers in Odisha and Chatishgarh, who congregate in large number to listen to his Koshali poetry when so ever he orates on the podium. Initially writing Kosli folk stories, in the 1990s he started writing poems in the Kosali language.

Always clad in dhoti and vest, Haldar has never even worn any footwear. he goes on attending three- to four- programmes every day, where he recites his poems. 

Hundreds of budding poets imitate his style and technique boosting a robust “HaldharDhara” in Western Odisha. He fights for the oppressed through his writing and social reformation on the basis of human dignity is high on this Poet-Crusader’s list. He has been at the forefront of the Sambalpuri-koshli language movement for inclusion in 8th schedule of Constitution.

He was awarded with Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award of India by Government of India in 2016.

Source : Wikipedia, News

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