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Shila Ghosh, 87-year old Woman Enterprenuer runs her family

Posted by Notion Brook on March 30, 2016 at 1:55 AM

Shila Ghosh :  A 87 year old woman, who lives at pali in West Bengal. Every evening she comes from Pali to kolkata to sell the fries.The pedestrians out of respect buy the fries from her.

After lung cancer took away her only son from her 5 years back,to make ends meet she works. Her nephew aged 30 works as a mover on meagre wages in pali.

When asked if she has a problem in travelling, she smiles and says No, the bus gets me here and my health is not that bad.

Shila was born to a doctor father and a homemaker mother in the village of Bishnupur in Bengal. The eldest of seven children she does not know the exact year of her birth, but insists she is 87.

Shila loved learning but could only study till the third standard. The village school didn’t go any higher than that. My brothers were sent to school in the city. When they came back, I would grab their books and read what they had learned that day

She earns 400 rupees per day but still it is less for her family of four. Her son’s untimely death had forced the octogenarian grandmother to step out of her home for the first time in her life and earn a living on the streets to eke out a survival for herself and her family. Her dignity and respect is everything for her, she would work till the end of her life rather than going for easy money.

When we go on complaining, let us remember her. She has chosen to solve her problems on her own for as they say God helps them those who help themselves. Her story went viral in social media and covered widely by "Your Story" magazine.

Inspirational and Wonderful woman she is.  May god give her all the strength


Source: YourStory


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